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Welcome to the Bible Manuscript Society!

The Bible Manuscript Society believes that the Holy Scriptures were written by Divine inspiration, and are therefore the inspired Word of God. As God's servants, our mission is to preserve the Bible, the Word of God, down through the centuries. We are dedicated to the protection, preservation and promotion of Biblical Manuscripts, from the early printed editions of the Holy Bible in the original languages of Scripture, through the early translations of the Bible, right down to the present day.

The Bible Manuscript Society strives to make sure that all Biblical Manuscripts and early editions of the Bible are available to everyone. Just as the early translators of the Bible into English (Wycliffe and Tyndale) emancipated Bible manuscripts from the shackles of Church tradition, so too, we want to free the original Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin manuscripts and early editions of the Holy Bible from the libraries and museums where they currently reside, and make them available to Bible students everywhere to see and study for themselves.

We want to work with individuals and organisations around the world who share our goal of preserving God's Word. We are especially interested in hearing from individuals, organisations, libraries, universities or museums around the world who have access to old, rare or unusual Bibles, Bibles of historical interest, or (better still) original Bible manuscripts. We have access to professional scanning equipment, the current technological state-of-the-art. Without damage to heavy or fragile Bibles, or critical Bible manuscripts, we offer a free scanning service which will transform your Bible into a beautiful PDF or set of high-resolution image files, far better than anything you could do on your own. We are therefore extremely eager to work with institutions who hold Biblical manuscripts, or who have already photographed them.

The harvest is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.

(Luke 10:2)

In addition to our main goal of preserving God's Word, the Bible Manuscript Society also provides high-quality Bible Courses, some fantastic free Resources about the Bible down through the centuries, and other superb Bible resources which are available for purchase in our Bible Shop.