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My dream is to have all Bible manuscripts available, right on my iPad or laptop.

(Ewan MacLeod, Director and Visionary, Bible Manuscript Society)

As quoted above, the dream of the Director of the Bible Manuscript Society is for Bible students everywhere to have free and open access to all the Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin manuscripts and early editions of the Holy Bible. This has been his goal and vision for the past 25 years, one shared by true Bible students around the world who support the ideals of the Bible Manuscript Society.

If you love the Bible - the inspired Word of God - and if you share our vision and want to be part of making it happen, then why not get involved? There are any number of ways you could help:

  • If you have access to old, rare, or unusual Bibles, then we would love to hear from you. If you provide us with access to them, we can professionally scan them with specialist equipment and provide you with a high-quality PDF file, much better than anything you could do yourself, free of charge. Everyone will benefit.
  • If you work at a library or museum, with access to original Bible manuscripts or early printed editions of the Bible, then we especially want to hear from you. We have access to professional scanning equipment, outside the financial reach of most individuals and many publically-funded organisations, and we can scan Bibles or Bible manuscripts in a way which does not damage them.
  • If you are excited about making old Bibles and Bible manuscripts available electronically, then maybe you could help with the work involved in scanning. Seeing the pages of a rare Bible appear in full color on your computer screen, and walking away with a PDF file, is a thrilling experience!
  • If you want to help spread the message about the Bible Manuscript Society, then please do so! You can link to our website, run campaigns or publicity promotions at your local church, college or seminary.
  • If you are good at promotion, publicity or raising funds, then why not devote your talents towards God's Word, rather than a charity in the world? You would be amazed at how doors can open where there was no door before, if you ask, and if you ask according to God's Will.

If you want to help in any way, or if you have any other suggestions, then please Contact us.

Alternatively, you may want to Donate. Professionally scanning rare, heavy, often fragile, Bibles in a way that does not damage them, needs specialist equipment and is a time-consuming and expensive task. Although we are privately funded, we are always grateful for additional funds.