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About the Bible Manuscript Society

The Bible Manuscript Society is a privately-funded non-profit organization dedicated to the protection, preservation and promotion of Biblical Manuscripts and early versions of the Holy Bible in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin, old/rare editions and early translations of the Bible, as well as documenting the history of the Bible down through the centuries.

We work to preserve the Holy Scriptures through photographing, preserving, transcribing, tagging and collating Bible Manuscripts and versions, making them available as physical or electronic editions, or working collaboratively with existing Bible software companies or organizations who specialize in the Bible. We work with people who can facilitate this end goal, as well as with commercial Bible companies, organizations, societies or charities which can help to achieve our goal effectively and efficiently.

We work tirelessly to promote Bible-related material such as those previously described, and free them from libraries, universities and museums, to make them easily available and accessible to those who would wish to study them.

The Bible Manuscript Society has access to professional, high-quality, specialist scanning equipment, specifically designed for scanning old, large, fragile and heavy books such as Bibles without damaging them. If we are granted access to Bibles or Bible manuscripts, we can use our equipment and software to scan them and turn them into full-color, high-resolution images or a PDF file, free of charge.

We are therefore keen to hear from individuals or institutions who have old, rare, or unusual Bibles. If we can arrange physical access to these, we can scan them in and provide you with images or PDF files which we will both have free access to. It will be a win-win situation for everyone...