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Jesus Spoke Aramaic, Learning Aramaic for Beginners DVD

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Learning Aramaic for Beginners DVD

Due to high demand, we have created this unique DVD containing the step-by-step video lessons from Jesus Spoke Aramaic, from the Learning Aramaic for Beginners series. These lessons are not stand-alone, but follow on from the lessons on the Ashuri and Estrangela scripts. If you have learned AT LEAST the Ashuri Alphabet (and preferably also the Estrangela script), then this series of lessons is the next essential step...

NOTE: For the Learning Aramaic for Beginners lessons, you do not need to know the Serta or Swadaya scripts.

While these video lessons are normally only available to subscribers, some subscribers wanted a way to purchase the video lessons so that they could watch the videos off-line. We therefore created this unique DVD to allow anyone to watch the videos and study the material in the lessons, even without subscribing.

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This DVD contains all the Videos and Worksheets from that relate to the Learning Aramaic for Beginners lessons.

NOTE: This DVD is literally completely FULL. Some of the Slides have been omitted for space reasons, and the videos have been compressed into .zip format to allow them to fit onto the DVD. You will therefore need software to uncompress the files, such as Winzip or 7-Zip. Any compression software should be able to unzip the files.

If you already know the Aramaic Alphabet, this DVD will slowly and carefully take you to the next level, where you can comfortably read entire words and phrases in Aramaic, and know the basics of the grammar including nouns, some prefixes, roots, and other important introductory concepts in Aramaic. We strongly recommend that you use the earlier DVDs, on the Ashuri and Estrangela scripts, as a foundation before doing the lessons on this DVD.

This DVD contains ALMOST EIGHT HOURS of videos alone, in 34 separate video lessons, in addition to all the other learning material. There is nothing quite like it available anywhere else on the Internet, and it is far easier to learn Aramaic this way than through a book!

There are separate folders for each of the above types of material. The videos are MP4 files and should play on any modern computer.

We make further DVDs available on a regular basis, so be sure to keep coming back to this website to see whether we have added any further DVDs. Alternatively, you may prefer to subscribe to, since then you will have access to our growing library of all the latest videos and study materials, which we are constantly adding to.

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NOTE 1: This is a Data DVD, not a video DVD. In other words, it contains computer files such as PDF documents and MP4 videos, and you therefore need a computer to display these files. It is not a movie/video DVD that you would watch on a DVD Player.

NOTE 2: We manufacture our DVDs through an independent company called Kunaki, and you will be taken to Kunaki's web site for purchase. Your PayPal or Credit Card will show the purchase as being through Kunaki.

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