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To further your knowledge and study of the Holy Bible, and especially the Original Languages of Scripture, the Bible Manuscript Society is preparing a unique collection of exciting resources that are available for purchase.

Along the left, you will see the categories of resources that are currently available for sale. Feel free to expand on any of these to obtain a full list of what is available.

We have teamed up with Jesus Spoke Aramaic to make their excellent DVDs available at the Bible Manuscript Society. Jesus Spoke Aramaic provides a unique and informative way to learn Aramaic doing through the centuries, through a large and growing collection of video lessons. As well as looking at Biblical Aramaic, the Aramaic Targums, the Peshitta Old Testament and the Peshitta New Testament, Jesus Spoke Aramaic also provides step-by-step lessons teaching you the Aramaic alphabet, with videos showing you how to form each of the letters in turn. Sample lessons are provided free, but the full library of lessons is only available by subscribing.

For those who are interested only in learning the Aramaic Alphabet, or who have subscribed to Jesus Spoke Aramaic but would like to receive the video lessons on DVD rather than watching them online, we have produced these high-resolution video lessons on DVD.

NOTE: It is much, much easier to learn Aramaic through our step-by-step videos than by reading a book! You cannot effectively learn how to read and write Aramaic correctly just by seeing the letters printed in a book!

NOTE: The DVDs we produce are Data DVDs, not video DVDs. In other words, they contain computer files such as PDF documents and MP4 videos, and you therefore need a computer to display these files. They are not movie/video DVDs that you would watch on a DVD Player.

Buy Multiple DVDs now