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Discover the Aramaic New Testament Study Program

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Overview of this Study Program

Discover the Aramaic New Testament Study Program is an exciting, ground-breaking, highly original 12-month Study Program which will introduce you to Aramaic - the language spoken by Jesus and the disciples - and to the Aramaic New Testament. The Program is run by - the largest and most comprehensive website on the Internet focusing on learning Aramaic in connection with the Holy Bible.

In this fascinating Study Program you will:

  • Strengthen your knowledge, faith and belief in the Holy Bible.
  • Connect more deeply, spiritually & emotionally with the Holy Scriptures.
  • Get to know Jesus better in the language He spoke (Aramaic).
  • Strengthen your faith in the authenticity of the Bible as the Word of God.
  • Learn how to defend the Bible against the attacks of critics and athiests.
  • Discover Aramaic Bible Manuscripts - an unwritten chapter in Bible history.
  • Gain valuable insights into the meanings of Aramaic words.
  • Discover extra depth and meaning to many familiar NT passages.
  • Understand Aramaic idioms that cannot be easily translated.
  • Learn the depth and beauty that lie behind English translations.
  • Experience a better cultural understanding of many Bible passages.
  • Be able to interact and ask questions in Live Webinars.
  • See for yourself the continuity between the Old & New Testaments.

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Description of this Study Program

Discover the Aramaic New Testament Study Program is Jesus Spoke Aramaic's flagship one-year Study Program designed to bring Aramaic to the world. This highly inspiring Program brings a fresh new perspective on Christianity while re-connecting the Bible to its ancient past, and bringing the Bible back to its authentic cultural roots. This Study Program make Aramaic accessible to all Bible believers, allowing you to see for yourself the many practical everyday insights that Aramaic can bring to enrich your life and show you what you are missing in Bible translations - and even the Greek New Testament.

In this interactive Study Program, you will explore the Aramaic words of Jesus and the disciples, understand Aramaic idioms, draw fresh insights from the rich Aramaic heritage of the New Testament, uncover the many Aramaic word plays that are missing in English and Greek New Testaments, and gain fascinating new insights into familiar passages. The Bible will come alive like never before!

The Study Program will reveal the remarkable history of the Aramaic New Testament from the days of the apostles onwards, and will showcase the many ancient Aramaic Bible Manuscripts of the Old and New Testaments – manuscripts which are only now being brought to light and have never before been seen by the public. Nearly all of these manuscripts have been newly photographed by the Bible Manuscript Society and the Aramaic Bible Manuscript Project, with joint co-operation between the British Library in London, UK and Ewan MacLeod at

These manuscripts from the British Library have never before been unveiled to the general public. They have never before been photographed or made available to ordinary people, and you will be amongst the first Bible students ever to see them. These manuscripts fill an entire chapter of Bible history that has not yet been made available to mainstream Bible believers. They fill the period from the Dead Sea Scrolls to the later Medieval manuscripts – that is, from about the time of Jesus to around 1000 B.C., when Bible manuscripts are better preserved and generally more widely available.

This Study Program is suitable for Bible believers of all backgrounds and levels of knowledge. It is not an academic course, and (unlike the Learn the Aramaic New Testament Study Program) it does not provide a detailed coverage of Aramaic grammar, nor on learning vocabulary, nor on studying the Aramaic language and Aramaic Bible texts in detail.

Key Highlights of this Study Program

  • This incredible and totally unique Study Program is exclusive to
  • This Program is a new world exclusive which has never been launched before, it is being made available across all continents, and demand is sure to far exceed the number of places available. You need to act quickly if you want to book!
  • This Program is ideally suited to committed and enthusiastic Bible believers who are excited about what Aramaic offers and are keen to learn!
  • For the next 12 months, you will get Daily Study Program emails from Ewan personally where I will steadily and systematically lead you through the Course material for the Study Program. This will ensure you learn at a steady, paced, sustainable rate without getting overwhelm.
  • Each Daily Study Program email will provide you with video lessons, resources, and/or worksheets as appropriate, as well as encouragement and links to further resources and information.
  • As the weeks go by, you will be provided with a comprehensive, detailed amount of Study Material which you can always go back to at any time.
  • You can interact with me and ask questions, and I will either answer questions individually or via the Live supporting Webinars.
  • You get full, unlimited access to the Jesus Spoke Aramaic website for 12 months.
  • You get instant access to 200+ hours of Video Lessons and related Study material, with over 400 video lessons available currently, and many more planned.
  • You will have access to many books about Aramaic, Aramaic Bibles and translations.
  • You will be able to ask questions about any Bible passage, or indeed any Bible topic.

Overview of Topics To Be Covered

  • Explore dozens of ancient Aramaic OT/NT Bible manuscripts from the 4th century onwards – many of the oldest Bible manuscripts are in fact Aramaic, and they have dates to prove it!
  • Marvel as you learn the astonishing history of these manuscripts and compare them to the Dead Sea Scrolls and the oldest Hebrew and Greek manuscripts!
  • Investigate the age, authority, provenance and authenticity of the Aramaic New Testament.
  • Examine its astonishing history and how it has come down to us from the first century to the present day.
  • Examine verses and passages where a knowledge of Aramaic enriches your understanding of the Bible and gives you greater insights.
  • Uncover verses in the Aramaic New Testament which use humour, word plays and poetry.
  • Learn the insights you can obtain by looking at Aramaic words and idioms.
  • Find out what insights you are missing by only using an English translation, and what passages you might misunderstand without a knowledge of Aramaic.
  • Directly compare passages in the Aramaic and Greek New Testaments.
  • Compare Aramaic with both Hebrew and Greek.
  • Learn the Aramaic Alphabet and be able to read the Aramaic New Testament.
  • Study The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic and be able to pray in Aramaic.

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Click the PayPal button below to get started, and book your place on the Discover the Aramaic New Testament Study Program. The cost for the full One Year Study Program is just $999 if you book TODAY...

Detailed Contents of the Study Program

The detailed contents of the Discover the Aramaic New Testament Study Program are as follows:

  • Module 1. Aramaic Bible Manuscripts from the British Library.
    • First, understand your WHY, and why this Study Program is important to YOU.
    • Why it's important to start with the foundation of Aramaic Bible Manuscripts.
    • You will see images of Aramaic OT/NT Bible Manuscripts from the 4th century onwards.
    • These have been lying in the British Library and other venerable institutions for centuries – and are only just now being photographed. You are the privileged first generation ever to see them!
    • These Aramaic Bible manuscripts span a 1000 year gap that is currently missing in Bible history.
    • We will compare the importance of these Aramaic Bible manuscripts to Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, to the Greek Septuagint, and to the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • Module 2. History & Authenticity of the Aramaic New Testament.
    • An investigation into the history, authenticity & unique unparalleled provenance of the Aramaic New Testament.
    • Its early history – evidence for when it first arose (in the days of the Apostles and under their authority and direct preaching).
    • How it was transmitted down through the early first few centuries.
    • How some of the earliest Bible translations arose from it.
    • Timelines from the 1500s (the early days of the Printing Press) onwards.
    • References to "The Syriac" and "The Syriac New Testament".
    • How the Aramaic NT was regarded in the west until the 20th century.
    • The Aramaic New Testament in modern times - versions and translations.
    • Churches that use the Aramaic New Testament in the liturgy today.
    • Aramaic is still spoken today!
    • The Church(es) of the East.
    • Challengers to the Aramaic NT.
    • We reveal history to you that has never before brought together until now!
  • Module 3. Learn The Aramaic Alphabet and scripts.
    • Learn the Aramaic Alphabet, and what Aramaic scripts have been used through time.
    • Get to the stage where you can read Aramaic words easily and confidently.
    • Learn to recognise all the other Aramaic scripts. 
    • Decide which one you like the best or prefer to use.
  • Module 4. Aramaic Word Studies.
    • Looking at words in Aramaic such as Gabatha, Golgotha, Jesus (Yeshua), Lord, Devil
    • What deeper or spiritual insights can you learn from these Aramaic words?
    • What theological lessons can you bring to your daily life?
    • What can you get that you don't get from English or Greek?
  • Module 5. Passages where Aramaic gives you a deeper appreciation or understanding.
    • Translations of the Aramaic New Testament – Lamsa Bible, Murdock, Etheridge, AENT, Plain English NT, Janet Magiera.
    • The Aramaic New Testament and Bible study software.
    • Insights into passages that you wouldn't see without knowing the Aramaic.
    • Passages which you might otherwise misunderstand.
    • Aramaic features such as poetry, humour, plays on words, etc.
    • Direct comparisons between the Aramaic and Greek New Testaments.
    • Examples of verses where we explicitly compare Aramaic and Greek, showing that Greek must have come from Aramaic sources.
    • Looking at phrases in the New Testament such as “which being interpreted, is...”
    • Looking at other books and resources where these subjects have been studied in more depth.
  • Module 6. Idioms in Aramaic.
    • Looking at many of the Aramaic expressions (idioms) where you must look beyond the Aramaic words themselves, to know what it is really saying, otherwise you will misunderstand a passage.
    • Examples include expressions such as an evil eye, the devil, soul, spirit, kingdom, etc.
    • Learn Aramaic words, phrases and simple expressions.
  • Module 7. Learn The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic.
    • Actually learn the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic!
    • Be able to speak it, pronounce it, read it, and understand it!
    • Experience it with meditational background music!
    • Hear it in both male and female voices!
    • Learn many other Bible words and phrases from the Aramaic NT.

Who is this Discover the Aramaic New Testament Study Program for?

If you long for a closer relationship with God and with His son Jesus, to know Jesus better and serve him more faithfully, and to establish a closer spiritual connection with the Bible as the inspired Word of God, the Discover the Aramaic New Testament Study Program is designed specially with you in mind.

If you are intrigued or excited about Aramaic; if you want to see the Bible in more of its original, authentic cultural setting; if you want to get a closer emotional connection with the Bible; and if you want to experience all the remarkable benefits that Aramaic can bring to your spiritual life, get yourself enrolled in this Study Program today. You will find it an eye-opening experience that will help you connect with the Bible which you know and cherish.

Participating in the Discover the Aramaic New Testament Study Program is an awe-inspiring way to boost your belief in the Holy Scriptures, re-invigorate your enthusiasm, and increase your faith. It will kindle a renewed interest and thirst for learning the Bible. A knowledge of Aramaic can bring you deeper insights into familiar Bible passages, as you see the Bible in its original, authentic cultural setting, and more clearly see the way that the Old and New Testaments are so intimately interwoven.

Ewan MacLeod is an Award-winning author, visionary, and creator of the website His vision is to bring Aramaic to a mainstream audience and work towards making Aramaic center-stage in the field of Biblical studies. This Study Program contributes to that lofty goal.

Costs and Getting Started!

Click the PayPal button below to get started, and book your place on the Discover the Aramaic New Testament Study Program TODAY...

The cost for the entire One Year Study Program is just $999. This includes the following:

  • Participation in the Study Program for an entire year, with permanent access to all the Course material afterwards.
  • Full access to the website for a full year, providing you with access to everything that Subscribers would get, including literally HUNDREDS of video lessons and many other resources. A One-year Subscription to the website is itself $179 - yet it is included FREE with this Study program.
  • Periodic Live Webinars where you can ask questions on the material covered.
  • Email access to Ewan MacLeod to answer any questions you might have, if you feel they are not answered by the Study Program Resources that are sent out.

WARNING: Because this Study Program is new, this is a special introductory offer and the price is likely to go up at any time. Book today to avoid any unexpected price increases!