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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have a Bible which is rare or unusual (or just very old). Can you use your specialist Bible-scanning equipment to scan it in for me, and turn it into a high-resolution PDF?

Answer: Yes, this is exactly what we can do! Please Contact Us to tell us about your Bible, to see whether it is unusual enough to be of interest, and how we could arrange access. You will, of course, have access to the PDF file for free! 

Question: We are an organization (such as a library), and we have access to many old, rare and unusual Bibles, as well as original Bible manuscripts. We would love to scan these in, but we cannot afford the cost of the scanning equipment, or the time involved. Could we give you access to our Bibles and manuscripts and let you do it for us?

Answer: Yes, or we could potentially scan everything in for you! Please Contact Us to discuss it.

Question: We really like your courses, but we really wish you had a course available about [fill in the blank]!

Answer: Why don't you Contact Us and tell us what courses you would like? Although we have some great ideas and are in the process of developing several new courses, if we get enough good requests from people, we may well be able to accommodate your suggestions. Let us know what you have in mind. 

Question: We like your material a lot, and we would like to distribute it, or use it as course material in our church or seminary. Can we re-use your content or adapt it?

Answer: Probably, yes, but it would depend on what you had in mind. Contact Us and we can discuss it.

Question: Although I can view your videos and other material online, I would still like a way to download the videos or to view everything offline, rather than having to be online.

Answer: We understand that some people like to download things so that they can access it all offline. But we have GBs of videos and other resources. It is easier (for you) if you just let us store it all for you. We will always be here, so you won't lose anything. Having said that, however, we have been considering producing professional-quality DVDs with all our material available, for those who like to have everything offline. If there is enough demand, we will certainly consider doing this.